fairmath™ Projects

These are the current fairmath™ projects and future fairmath™ projects. Some are OER and other are F.E.R.M.A.T. projects.

Current fairmath™ Projects

These are the current fairmath™ projects  Some are OER and others are F.E.R.M.A.T. projects.

Alegebra Resources

Algebra Curriculum

The algebra resources are here!  This is the first OA for fairmath™. These resources are designed for high school and middle school.  This is an on going project.  Much more is to come.  We will be compiling the separate units into a textbook. Then we will be translating the materials into other languages,

Support Resources

Concepts and Skills needed for Algebra

These reources can be used for all ages. This is an on going project. This is the first OA for fairmath™. Much more is to come.  These are the important concepts and skills that should be learned before starting the algebra curriculum.   top

Mathematics Game

"fairmath™ project in porgress"

This is a project to come. It is a cross platform mathematics exploration program masquerading as a video game for all ages. We are writing it in Python. This is a big project needing many people hours.

Expand curriculum

0- K- 14

Once the algebra project is in place, the fairmath ™ project will expand the OER for 0- K- 14.

Translate Web Site and Curriculum

fairmath™ project reaches out.

F.E.R.M.A.T. would like to be able to reach people and communities that speak languages other than English. The goal is that the fairmath™ project may effectively reach communities throughout the world.


Support with OER and other resources

Help contribute to projects and the distribution of resources. Without contributions F.E.R.M.A.T. cannot grow and learn. We need all kinds of help with the front side and back side of F.E.R.M.A.T.  top

Contribute to OER, OA, and OS.