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The OER has been categorized as either fairmath ™ OA or fairmath™ and others' OS . As the organization grows, so will the curriculum and content. We are currnetly recruiting contributors and editors. We are very low on these resources, therefore if you see anything that needs to be corrected or changed, please contact us. Please read Curriculum and Pedaogy before using the resources.The pedagogy used is very important to insure positive outcomes of the fairmath™ OER. The resources are designed for active students and instructors. The current Algebra resources are designed as a transition from traditional instruction towards student centered learning.

Alegebra Resources

Algebra Curriculum

These resources are designed for high school and middle school. The algebra resources are here. Theses resources are alligned with the athematics Common Core State Standards. For more informatio visit this outside link CCSI. They are also alligned with the NCTM standards. For more informatio visit this outside link NCTM.This is an on going project. Much more is to come. We will be compiling the separate units into a textbook. Then we will be translating the materials into other languages. We are currnetly recruiting contributors and editors. We are very low on these resources, therefore if you see anything that needs to be corrected or changed, please contact us.

The Structure of the texts

The texts are divided into parts. The parts are, the reading and writing of mathematics, concepts through problem solving, notes, mathematical skills practice, and re-enforcement. The sections parallel each other through the lesson plans. The students are not always dong the same thing every day.  Even  though the texts are wirtten at an 11th or 12th grade reading level. All students can understand the material, becuase the intructor and class work together for comprehension. Students practice reading the text and taking notes directly on the text.  These texts should be owned by the student.  

Reading and Writing of Mathematics

Many students are not literate in the language of mathematics and therefore have dificulties. The reading and writitng of mathematics is teaching the very symbolic language of mathematics. These texts cover the syntax and semantics of mathematics. An appropriate literacy level of mathematics can extniguish many arithmetic and algebraic manipulation errors.   to structure of text / to top

Problems Solving for Mathematical Concepts

To be a proficient problem solver one has to practice. Problem solving skills are not inate, but rather learned. Problems solvers grow by experienced guidance. Problem solvers do not grow by being told how to do it.  It is best, if they have practice solving problems by themselves and in groups.  Please refer to the text 'The Three Easy Steps to Problem Solving ' for guidlines of problem solving. Available on this web site. The problems should be novel to the students. to structure of text / to top


Notes can be divided into two distinct categories. The first category are the notes given to the student by the texts and instructor. The more important category are the notes generated by the students. The students should be taking notes of their observations and questions. Also the students should be taking notes of the analysis of their errors and successes.  Notes are not just read once, but referred to consistenly. to structure of text / to top

Mathematical Skills

These are the arithmetic and underlying mathematical skills needed for the algebra curriculum.  Many of the texts appear not to have a lot of skill practice.  A closer look will reveal a lot of practice of mathematical skills. For example, a text that is an exploration of a function has more than thirty problems to solve algegraically to compare to the graphed functions. to structure of text / to top


The mathematical skills and conepts need to be re-visited and used throughout the curriculum to ensure that they are learned and remembered. Careful lesson planning that builds upon the previous will ensure re-enforcement. to structure of text / to top

List of Links to pdf Files

Fairmath™ is currently working on distributing an ADA compliant browser files distribution. We will also distribute PDF files for print.

If students are weak on their mathematical understanding, the instructor can weave the support resources into their algebra lesson plans.   The accompanying "Read Me" files are intented for instructors.  The following are pdf format files that can be downloaded from any computer to be viewed, saved, or printed. The pdf files can also be printed and bound as texts.

Distribution of Multiplication Over Addition Property

Skills and Applications

Students practice their skills of distribution over addition with values and variables. Students strengthen their understanding of the property.

distr mult ovr add Read Me

distr mult ovr add Read


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