Make your Contributions to fairmath™

We need all kinds of help in many different fields.

We welcome all kinds of involvement. Your conributions to the discussions are appreciated and help make the fairmath™ community what it is. Builiding and utulizing our fairmath™ communtiy is a major focus of F.E.R.M.A.T. 501(c) 3, a  nonprofit corporation

We currently are working on two projects. We are working on the high school and middle school mathematics textbooks and supplements. The second is a mathematics exploration masquerading as a video game. Future projects are to devlop the mathematics curriculum K-14. We welcome other suggested projects.

We are involved not only writting mathematics textbooks, but also the web, discussion group adminisitration, Networks, programming, behind the scences, etc.

If you would like to contribute more, please e-mail us:

contribute [ampersand] fairmath [dot] org