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The foundation will increase the interest, achievement, technology, and passion of mathematics for all communities. The foundation is committed to Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access (OA), and Open Source (OS).   top

Education is Hurt by Economic Collapse

Our current world wide economic condition is not very strong. Unfortunately when funds become scarce, the education of our future suffers. Our children are not given the support to become world citizens and the ability to contribute to the economic base in the future. Short changing our children hurts our economic future. It has been proven many times all over the world. We need to take action. Creating Open Educational Resources is a great contribution to our future. OER is the gift that keeps on giving.  

F.E.R.M.A.T. does not condone the reduction of support of education to all. We feel it is unwise. We hope, with our efforts, educational institutions and individuals may better use their resources for materials, hardware, and an educational environment.

Fairmath offers the mathematics education community and all stakeholders in mathematics education open acces resources. You may also join the fairmath™ community. to News / to top

F.E.R.M.A.T. is Now a  NPO

F.E.R.M.A.T.is now a 501(c) 3 corporation..       to News / to top

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We welcome all mathematics education stake holders to join the fairmath™ community and engage in meaningful discourse at our bulletin boards. The groups are meant for fairmath™ Educational Resource input and help, instructor support, mathematics, pedagogy, to name a few. Look around and if your don't see something you are interested in, you may add a topic. Please remember to use the bulletin boards responsibly and repsectfully. Please remember a lot of forms of communication are left out, when we rely only on written communication. These are discussion bulletin boards only. The bulletin boards are not edited for content or fact by fairmath™ and F.E.R.M.A.T. Please read the bulletin agreement of usage before joining.

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