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The fairmath™ web site offers its services to help develop and share mathematical pedagogy and resources. We are dedicated to open educational resources, open access, and open source. As the organization grows, so will the web site and its features. Fairmath™ is operated by the Foundation of Education Resources for Mathematics, Achievement, and Technology, F.E.R.M.A.T.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

The ideas and intent of fairmath™

The pedagogy used is very important to insure positive outcomes of the fairmath™ OER being used. The resources are designed for active students and instructors...

A cognitive research based approach.

fairmath ™ OER

Open Educational Resources

This is where the materials, lesson plans, supplemental materials, and textbooks can be found. F.E.R.M.A.T. is currnetly working on Algebra curriculum. F.E.R.M.A.T. is dedicated to Open Educational Resources that include Open Acess and Open Source...

Educatonal Resources; projects, units, and texbooks for stake holders.

fairmath ™ Community

News and Forums

The fairmath™ Community is a place to keep up with the F.E.R.M.A.T. news. This is also a place for all mathematics education stakeholders to gather and have meaningful discourse...

Discussions for all stake holders.


Foundation of Educational Resources for Mathematics, Achievement, and Technology

Our Mission Statement: The foundation will increase the interest, achievement, technology, and passion of mathematics for all communities. The foundation is committed to Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access (OA), and Open Source (OS). More...

In the proccess of becoming a not for profit organization


What is OER, OA,and OS?

Open Educational Resources include Open Access and Open Source. The resources are open to all communities. For wititten materials fairmath™ uses the Creative Common copyright by-nc-sa. More...

Free access and copyright information.

fairmath ™ Projects

Projects in the works and future

Currently F.E.R.M.A.T. is focusing on Algebra.   Supplemental materials and a text book for the Algebra curriculum are being made. There is also a cross platform mathematics game in the works. Projects to come are to develop a cohesive 0- K- 14 mathematics curriculum.

Curriculum 0- K- 14.

The people involved

Who we are.

Meet the people at F.E.R.M.A.T. and fairmath™. Meet the fairmath™ project people: Contributors and Editors. Meet F.E.R.M.A.T. people: Advisory Board members, Board Members, and the Founding Members.

F.E.R.M.A.T. is fairmath™.


Support our OER and other resources.

Help contribute to projects and the distribution of resources. Without contributions F.E.R.M.A.T. can not grow and learn. We need all kinds of help with the front side and back side of F.E.R.M.A.T. and fairmath™. This includes participating in the fairmath™ forums, editors, authors, researchers, programers, etc.

Contribute to the OER, OA, and OS.


Financial Support

The foundation is committed to Open Access (OA) and Open Source (OS). Since we do not generate revenue from the Open Educational Resources (OER), we depend on the donation of funds from individuals, communities, and grants from organizations and corporations. We are a nonprofit organization, 501(c) 3, with a mision statement to fullfil. Please help.

The gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving!

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fairmath™ Merchandise

These are fairmath™ merchandise, premade manipulatives for mathematics instruction, and fairmath™ Educational Resources commercially sold. The merchandise, as well as being extra gak in your life, is meant to start ideas and discussions. Gawk at the gak...

Materials and Stuff!